Mamma Mia!

Sometimes we do stupid things that sound really good at the time. Here’s one of mine. I made a vow to myself, “No men for 1 year.” Who needs it right? One year to focus on healing my heart and soul. Then I go to Italy! What a recipe for disaster.

Since it is true women are from Venus, I knew that once I let a man into my life, the emotions would return and distract. I tried... Hello, have you seen these guys? I would have to be made of stone to not want some of that.

Road Angels

Sometimes you can feel it when they’re near. People you just connect with. 2 months in and I wanted to tell you about some of these people that have me believing someone is watching over me.

Meet F. He was the first. F. is one of those travel bloggers whose sites have helped my research and planning. Turns out, he has family at the Jersey shore, and by ‘pure’ co-incidence, he was in town same time I was. So we met. I was able to pick his brain and learn so much.

Girl Power Earrings

Some months back, I was in jewelry store in Florida, deconstructing a certain ring, when I noticed these silver earrings on the cheap rack. I instantly recognized the goddess symbol and the moonstone bead, and had to have them. Little did I know how important they would be for me in the coming months.

The Art Of Getting Lost

Take a Jersey/Florida girl, insert into a foreign land and whadda ya get? A girl who pretends she knows exactly what she is doing at all times. I landed in northern Italy in a mountain lake town called Varenna and literally stumbled off the train. Thanks to my 2 heavy backpacks that slid off my shoulders of my $8.00 goodwill slippery coat. The platform to get off the train had a 12” gap step down, here I am, with a 20lb suitcase and a backpack on each shoulder.

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