What Now ?!

They ask me, “What was the high point, your favorite place after traveling alone for 300 days?” – There is no one answer or place, because, it was all GREAT. Yet, (closing eyes now) the memory of just me, standing alone in the African desert when everything dropped away, and all there was, was silence, - That was the best. - “Just walk”, he said, “Keep walking until you’re done,” was the command from the guide. Our group set off in different directions, walking on earth so cracked you’d think you were on Mars.

Boy Meets Girl

Ahh…So much to say from the land down under. 288 days on the road, 11 countries, 34 new cities, One girl, one way tickets, the quest of a lifetime. I write this now from the balcony of my lovers house, wearing his heavy black bathrobe because the smell of him makes me feel safe. It is time to revisit the mission, ask myself those questions, What did you learn?, Did you find what you were looking for? Could it be love?

Mamma Mia!

Sometimes we do stupid things that sound really good at the time. Here’s one of mine. I made a vow to myself, “No men for 1 year.” Who needs it right? One year to focus on healing my heart and soul. Then I go to Italy! What a recipe for disaster.

Since it is true women are from Venus, I knew that once I let a man into my life, the emotions would return and distract. I tried... Hello, have you seen these guys? I would have to be made of stone to not want some of that.

Road Angels

Sometimes you can feel it when they’re near. People you just connect with. 2 months in and I wanted to tell you about some of these people that have me believing someone is watching over me.

Meet F. He was the first. F. is one of those travel bloggers whose sites have helped my research and planning. Turns out, he has family at the Jersey shore, and by ‘pure’ co-incidence, he was in town same time I was. So we met. I was able to pick his brain and learn so much.

Nonna = Love

Part of my extended family includes Carlo, who is a 1st gen Italian American, and his beautiful wife Denise. Carlo’s family has a fascinating history. His Mother, lovingly known as Nonna, saved her family from execution by Mussolini’s army after her convent was bombed when she was just 16. Also in their family tree is Giuseppe Leonardo Albanese, Albanian royalty and later Italian government leader who was sentenced to the guillotine in 1899. Can you imagine?

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