The Queen & The Musician

My sister Corrine swears she was born to the wrong family, hers was supposed to be one of royalty, ladies in waiting, a closet filled with designer shoes and crown jewels. I didn’t even mind that she always got to play the queen in our childhood games.  My story wouldn’t be complete without an article about my queen of a sister. 8 months ago, she declared a royal proclamation that forevermore; I would be welcome in her kingdom and could live in her castle for as long as I needed to.  This is how we became roommates. I am forever grateful for my new place to call home, for her shoulders and her ears, she is my rock and my biggest fan.

Corrine is engaged to Rob Garcia, the love of her life, the one and only Staten Italy born, whiskey throated musician and entertainer. A guy who wakes up with a smile on his face, whistles all day and is kind to all. What fun to live in their house full of love, laughter and music. Lately, Rob has been working on his version of Ain’t no mountain high enough in his Florida recording studio. I love that song and this is what I hear and hum while compiling lists and packing away more boxes. With much gratitude to you Roberto, your continual support means a lot to me.

Recently, we learned the danger of BUI. One of us had the great idea to ride bikes to a nearby restaurant for pizza, Prosecco and live music. Had a blast and when the band ended, we climb on the bikes for the short ride home on deserted back roads. Music was blaring from my iPhone stashed in my cleavage as we merrily rode on the wide sidewalks. In the flash of a few seconds, I saw Corrine’s front tire wobble as it was stuck in the groove of the grass edging. Time stopped…Like slow motion, I watched her 5’2” body fly into the air, like an upside down letter U and land in the street, a good 6 feet away from the bike. I instantly go into rescue mode, throw down my bike to make sure she isn’t hurt. With all the grace of the fine polish girl that I am, I slip down the curb…the phone goes bouncing out from my bra, the sparkle flip flops summersaulted and my ankle twists in ways it shouldn’t. I too, was now lying in the middle of the road. The minute we looked at each other, was when the laughter began. The kind of laughter that has tears rolling down your face. We weren’t seriously hurt, but we were dying of laughter. We lay there, in the street, with not another soul in sight, flat on our backs on 90 degree Florida asphalt laughing our butts off. Then I see it…the puddle, yes, this is the literal pee in your pants moment.  As the puddle grew so did the laughing. I swear it took us over 15 minutes to hobble back to our bikes. We made it home safe, ice packs on forehead and ankle, and yes, one last glass of Prosecco to end the night.

While I will miss the queen and the musician like crazy, I will carry them in my heart and spirit every step of the way.

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  • Rob Garcia says:

    While at first, I thought I was going to be out classed, out gunned AND pilled upon by the both of you for my "boy " ways. Having you here has been a blessing in the truest of senses. Our brother/sister relationship has blossomed to exactly that, from it being "in name" . You are a beautiful person about to embark on a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. Knowing you, the discoveries will be grand. We ( the queen & I) will eagerly visit you here. All the while anticipating your return. HERE. Where you do and always will, have a home both in our hearts and to hang whatever kind of hat you come back wearing. With love, the musician.

  • Julz Tari says:

    After reading ur blog so far, I must say that I am truly inspired and can't wait to follow along on ur journey. U r a women after my own heart. Luv ya girlfriend....makes me feel like I'm on the journey with u. U go girl!!!! Xoxo

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