Welcome to my website. It is my intention that what you see here will show you so much more than just my destinations. It is an invitation for you to follow my crazy ideas along a path of self-discovery while travelling around the world. I will be removing myself so far from my comfort zones and haven’t a clue what will sprout. But isn’t that the point?It is believed that a tiny seed needs just the right soil, water and light to begin growth. Some take years for just the right conditions. Once the seed starts, the stages of growth vary from plant to plant.

Like so many others, I lived the life of a typical American girl. Mom, Dad, 4 siblings, growing up Jersey style and working in the family restaurant. Went away to college in the 80s, got married, raised 2 kids, planted gardens, went to work and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

The details of the big event that rocked my world are personal. Let’s just say it starts with letter D and involves taking off a ring, for the second time. What’s a girl to do? Think, think… breathe….OK,… Drastic changes, serious decisions, soul searching. She asks for help, pulls up her pansies and gets on with it, that’s what. Phone the real estate agent & a therapist, sell the house, put anything that matters in storage and donate the rest. Ahhh.

“Prepare the garden area and soil: Remove any sod or weeds in the flowerbed area. The more thoroughly you do this, the less weeding you will have to do in the long run.” I know this to be true because I cultivated my own small accounting practice from seed. I was fortunate to have had the inspiration and enthusiasm to run a prosperous business. But now, I am so serious about a new garden I knew I had to close my business. It felt like saying goodbye to a child. Everything is different now…and what I did for a living had to change too. I am convinced that, in life, it is possible to successfully harvest several crops.

My therapist asked me, “What makes you super excited? When are you really happy? What is your joy?”  The answer for me was a no brainer…Travel, food, history, learning & seeing new places. Planning my next trip was a sure way to put a smile on my face in the past, so why not try to implant a smile there for the next year straight? 

No, I didn’t win the lottery, but knew there had to be a way. And so it begins. I am a 52 year old solo female traveler with a bunch of one way tickets. When asked why I am doing this, my answer is 2 simple words: Why Not?

“The tiny root pushes down and grows, looking for water and nutrients, It is important that the seed is planted in the right place at the right time in order for it to germinate. Some seeds need to go through a fire in order to sprout, some need to go through the stomachs of animals, or be scraped. Different seeds have different needs.”

It is my wish that what you see here will inspire and motivate you to believe in yourself, take chances, and follow your heart.

“Life is change, growth is optional… choose wisely.”  Karen Kaiser Clark.


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