Flat and Black – The Answer To The RTW Packing Dilemma

Planning for this trip has been exhilarating, but deciding what to pack, not so much. Hey, I am a girl and I really need my new cool boyfriend jeans AND the dark blue jeans too dammit.

Just the FAQs – Pre Trip Research

Dedicated to Di Koller and Kathy Lafayette, 2 crazy fun loving girls I am honored to call my friends.

“While starting a flower bed requires some planning and forethought beforehand, it’s not as difficult as one might think, do your research and choose your flowers carefully.”

12 Ingredients - Fog Lifter Potion

There are times a plant is perfectly happy in just the right soil and proper light, and, there are times when they need a little help getting out of the ground. Often though, it is difficult to find the key elements in nature. This is when fertilizers come in handy. Below is the list of my personal nutrients that helped me get up and get out.

1.      Family & friends love & support

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