Girl Power Earrings

Some months back, I was in jewelry store in Florida, deconstructing a certain ring, when I noticed these silver earrings on the cheap rack. I instantly recognized the goddess symbol and the moonstone bead, and had to have them. Little did I know how important they would be for me in the coming months.

I wanted my next article to be about the real feelings & observations at my 1 month mark of travels. Knowing it wouldn’t be an easy one to write, I have been jotting notes, so here goes. I can’t even remember a time when I have been Alone. Try to imagine Alone-ness, with only your own thoughts flooding your brain, constantly... some good, some not so good.  Did I do the right thing, OMG where am I, what will I do when this is over? This is where ‘The Practice’ comes in (shout out to the WRC girls in Venice). If I don’t make a serious concentrated effort, to stay in present moment, I could not get through each day. By reminding myself to take it easy, along with deep breaths and appreciating where I am, is how I get through every day. I knew before I left, it’s not where you are that matters, it’s what’s on the inside. The rollercoaster I’ve been riding has reached the peak.

Alone can be a scary place, but this is what I signed up for, facing it head on, in foreign lands with foreign languages. I find that most days, the prevalent feeling is excitement, then the other feeling creeps in, it is always hanging around, trying to distract me. As much as I push it away, even with headphones, I know it is there, lurking, tapping on my shoulder. This is when I remember the earrings. I secretly empowered those $15 earrings with special powers of strength. It might sound silly, but I really say to myself, you are ok, just put on the earrings. I only packed 4 pairs of simple earrings, and the almighty Girl Power earrings were a last thought. I collect earrings, so I find it funny that I threw these in at last minute. I am wearing them right now.

Ok, now to the observations. I love Italy, no surprises here. It really is a magical place, especially if you love food like I do. Here are just a few of my American Girl observations:

1.      Scarfs - men and women wear them all the time and they look so cool. It’s like they just throw them around their necks and it lands perfectly. I have spent way too much time trying to recreate the ‘just throw it around my neck cool look’, and still haven’t mastered it.

2.      Quality – Is everywhere, the fashion, the shoes/purses/leather, the hairstyles, the markets. Not a Walmart/K-Mart in sight. Everyone looks so polished all the time. And the pride in the food is inspiring. I LOVE going to the market for whatever is fresh, every day.

3.      Lovers – They are everywhere. Hard not to notice.

4.      The bells – The ringing of the bells in the towers every 30 minutes, have grown to love the sounds.

5.      Allora – Pronounced Ahhloorrahh. I hear this word everywhere, it translates to “then”. It is music to my ears.

6.      Facebook – My only connection to friends and family, I look forward to posting, so I can communicate with humans, even if over the computer.

So… with mixed emotions every day, I have decided to mix it up even more. I board a cruise ship in 48 hours that was sooo not in the plans, or budget. Stay tuned. Monte Carlo here I come.




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  • Carol Sikora says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesome trip on Facebook! I am so enjoying your beautiful pictures and stories......especially all of the FOOD! I love food too lol ;)
    Enjoy your cruise, I look forward to reading all about it =)

  • Corrine says:

    Wear the earrings as you walk onto the cruise of your dreams!! Too bad you had to ditch the fella shoes!!

  • Mike says:

    Remember that your traveling by yourself but you'll never be truly alone, because your friends and family are always there with you in spirit :)

  • Di says:

    So good to see your post. Excited you are going on a cruise. Will be wonderful and just think of all the awesome people you will meet. Missed you in Florida. Safe travels and Enjoy. xo

  • Susan and Vince says:

    Hi Deb. Tried to get an email through to you but as we are just over the "hill" from you and the technology is not cooperating, thought I would wish you well. We'll miss you in Siena but wish you fun and happiness. You'll get the email one of these days! Love the earrings!

  • Marianne H says:

    I look so forward to reading your blog it is so exciting for meyour cruise is going to be fabulous and you are never alone as long as you have your earrings I love you I miss you and I'm still jealous as hell

  • gloria says:

    I can't believe you are leaving on a spur of cruise!!! You are going to have a great time and remember your friends and family think of you EVERY day. Love ya

  • Marianne H says:

    How's the cruise? Love checking up on you. ..write more!!!!! Love your jealous girlfriend

  • Denise G says:

    I'm so happy for you! And love following your journey. Don't forget to cleanse those moonstone's, I'm sure you can find some unbelievable water and moonlight. Blessed Be you little Goddess you ;)

  • Linda M. says:


    Your WRC girls are so proud of you! Several were here today for a class. We are all so proud of your strength and courage throughout your journey.

    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!

  • admin says:

    Thanks Linda, that means a lot to me, hugs to everyone back home. Be sure to check the FB page too at

  • admin says:

    Hey Linda, Lets skype next time the girls are in for a class, Would love to see everyone. Email me.

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