Boy Meets Girl

Ahh…So much to say from the land down under. 288 days on the road, 11 countries, 34 new cities, One girl, one way tickets, the quest of a lifetime. I write this now from the balcony of my lovers house, wearing his heavy black bathrobe because the smell of him makes me feel safe. It is time to revisit the mission, ask myself those questions, What did you learn?, Did you find what you were looking for? Could it be love?

New Colors

“I’m very sorry Madame, you may not go to your tent, the elephants are near,” says my escort at the Okavango Delta Lodge. Peering through the bushes I see the two of the majesties who rule this land, grazing next to tent #15. What will happen? I ask. “They could charge and we will have to run for our lives.” Fine by me, I can chill at the pool no problemo.

Girl Power Earrings

Some months back, I was in jewelry store in Florida, deconstructing a certain ring, when I noticed these silver earrings on the cheap rack. I instantly recognized the goddess symbol and the moonstone bead, and had to have them. Little did I know how important they would be for me in the coming months.

The Art Of Getting Lost

Take a Jersey/Florida girl, insert into a foreign land and whadda ya get? A girl who pretends she knows exactly what she is doing at all times. I landed in northern Italy in a mountain lake town called Varenna and literally stumbled off the train. Thanks to my 2 heavy backpacks that slid off my shoulders of my $8.00 goodwill slippery coat. The platform to get off the train had a 12” gap step down, here I am, with a 20lb suitcase and a backpack on each shoulder.

The Kickoff Tour - Wicked & Beautiful In Orlando

Before my flight across the Atlantic, the adventure began in Orlando Florida with my BFFs, my 3 sisters. We had a long weekend to relive our childhood memories at the Magic Kingdom Park and to make new ones as grown-ups. We absolutely wore tiaras the entire day even if they gave us headaches. Throw in some resort chill time at The Hilton with a lazy river water attraction; this was just what we all needed.  Little did we know, we would get to see the ugly stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia, along with the wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, at the park. Think bride of Frankenstein.

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